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Dishing Up industry secrets to a picture perfect flawless BEAT! 

Tired of trying to learn makeup best kept secrets from youtube? Sick of failing attempt after attempt without any assistantance? Well "Serve me FACE" is here to save the day! "Serve me FACE" is a premiere, hands-on makeup class catered specifically to address the makeup application process for the up and coming artist, Competition dancer, ULTIMATE Dance Mom, or the aspiring self-titled makeup guru! 


As a former competition dancer and current choreographer for competiton dance teams, I often times see dance moms and their dancers struggle with makeup application. I mean its literally CAIOS, and the final product can ultimately be LESS THAN AMUSING (nicely put)! In this seminar, I will share my expertise as a professional Make up Artist with over 5 years of experience in the industry. One can expect to learn the basic to intermiediate skills of applying Foundation, consealing, lashes, eyeshadow, and  blending it all together to create the picture perfect flawless BEAT! 

To attend the class held on 

Sunday January 31, 2016 @ 2:00pm 

Early bird special ends 1. 17.16 

Just Dance Studio Dance Moms and Students 

to get registered today!

Get the Early Bird Special befor it ends!!
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